Cutting Board Care Instructions

We want your cutting board and other products that you purchase from us to last a lifetime. In order for them to last, you'll need to give them the proper care and love. It's not hard work, and a little maintenance goes a very long way. We've detailed how to maintain your products below.

Dos and Do Nots:

  • DO NOT place your cutting board in a dishwasher. The heat cycles and immense humidity WILL warp and crack the board.
  • DO NOT soak in water. A quick dunk is okay, but excessive water will cause the wood to expand, warp and may even cause the glue joints to fail.
  • DO NOT use harsh cleansers. Wood has natural anti-microbial properties. A good quick hand washing is sufficient.
  • DO NOT coat with food based oils (peanut oil, walnut oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, etc..) These oils can and do turn rancid.


  • DO coat periodically with mineral oil at a minimum – be generous and allow to soak into pores. Mineral oil is available at any retail home store or for a better protecting conditioner, Tarsha Homestead Cutting Board Conditioner can be applied.
  • DO hand wash after each use with light soap, immediately hand dry then place on its side to air dry in order to prevent warping.