About Us

We're the Tarsha Family. Alex, Emily, Connor, and Lincoln.

Emily and Alex met while enlisted in the United States Air Force. Both served and deployed overseas in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Both are now Disabled Veterans raising a family on their 6 acre homestead in Lebanon, Illinois.

The Tarsha Homestead Family

They enjoy watching their chickens free range the property out their kitchen window (AKA "chicken TV") woodworking, sewing, home remodeling, and anything else that gets their creative juices flowing.

They are always "tinkering" in the shop or in the craft room and coming up with new fun products to share with family and friends. More recently, Alex has started filming some of that tinkering and uploading it to their YouTube channel. Emily plans to start making videos of her crafts as well and posting them up on their channel as well.

This couple never stops, and their rambunctious boys don't either! Well, unless they can stop and play Minecraft for a few hours. :)