11"x18" Maple, Cherry, Padauk and Walnut Edge Grain Cutting Board

Tarsha Homestead

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This cutting board is hand made by Alex Tarsha in his shop on the Tarsha Homestead in West Haven Utah. Alex carefully joints each strip of wood so that they'll mate together perfectly. He applies the glue to each strip by hand and pieces these cutting boards together one at a time.

All the cutting boards Alex makes are made from quality hardwood lumber he personally hand-selects from local dealers. These cutting boards are designed to be used and, with proper care, will live a very long life!

Each cutting board is hand sanded, as well as hand oiled and conditioned with Tarsha Homestead Cutting Board Conditioner before leaving Alex's shop.

All edge-grain cutting boards are approximately 1.5" thick unless specifically noted in the product title.

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